Life at The Lucky 7 Club

Hey there - welcome to The Lucky 7 Club!

Welcome to the journey  of The Lucky 7 Club - it's been a bumpy ride so far so we can't wait to get open and add content and start creating amazing nights out for you all - We hope to use this page to get up close and personal with you and share with you the highs and lows of  owning an alternative 'arts & music venue' in a run down seaside town in Devon! 

Willy, Lisa, Mark & Sarah X

The Lucky 7 Club Blog

An ongoing series of snippets, thoughts, news and pics! 

Here we go - we are live!

Friday 28th July 2017

Today is the day - we finally are live, we picked up the keys and clicked live on all our social media! Whoo hoo! We first went and looked at these premises on 8th August 2014 - this has been a long time coming!! We hope you'll join us on this journey - first stop is to buy a membership! The Lucky 7 Club is opening in September - launch night 16th September 2017!

But's all risk assessments, cleaning, more risk assessments and more cleaning....................

Crowdfunder Lucky 7 Club


Monday 31st July 2017

After an overwhelming weekend of well wishers and celebrations for folks near & far Monday morning is here and we are ready to go go go! We have built a Crowdfunder which we would love you to have a look at - it's to help us do the things that we can't do ourselves, the things in an old building that need to be updated so we're fit for 21st century purpose! So please have  a look at our Crowdfunder here and we are grateful for all your support! Thank you! XX